Friday, September 11, 2009

Flanders Recorder Quartet and more from the Boston Early Music Festival

When I was playing trumpet for a living, it was invariably astounding to people that I owned 9 different kinds of trumpets. Turns out, that's actually about average for most professional trumpeters I know, maybe even a bit low. Tools of the trade, as they say. But then there's the Flanders Recorder Quartet (above), who told me in June after their Boston Early Music Festival concert that they had about 40 different kinds of recorder on stage with them that night.

Well, you can get a taste of that concert on Saturday at 10am in the second of our special concert presentations from the 2009 Boston Early Music Festival. Also on the program is the BEMF debut of Zefiro, a lively wind ensemble from Italy, and the North American debut of Stile Antico, the vocal ensemble from England, who sang an exquisite and ravishing concert based on their most recent recording, Song of Songs.

And by the way, if you missed last week's special with the Ricercar Consort and host Cathy Fuller, you can listen to it whenever you want online, where all of these programs will be archived.


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